Spirit of Budapest

The mission of Silverline Cruises Ltd. is to provide memorable experience via Cruising in Budapest.

If you are looking for new adventures during your travel in Budapest, do no hesitate to try the Best Budapest River Cruise Company, called Silverline Cruises.

We offer different Budapest Cruises for our visitors. They can choose from Dinner Cruise Budapest  or Pizza and Beer Cruise Budapest or Simple Sightseeing Cruise Budapest programmes as well.

Main profiles:

  • Sightseeing Cruises:Choose the most attractive Sightseeing Boat in Budapest! Our Budapest Cruises work in Hopon-Hopoff sysytem.
  • Dinner Cruises: Are you looking for Traditional Hungarian Folklore Show with having Dinner during your Budapest Cruise or would you like to choose romantic Piano Battle Show with Budapest Cruise and having Dinner?
  • Any Special Events on Boat are perfect place for your family parties or company events as well.
  • Yacht Rental: Would you like to see Budapest in an intimate atmosphere, having a Budapest party on luxurious boats with your friend? Rent our Private Boat Tour! Organize a Date on Boat,engage your girlfriend on Boat!

No place like Budapest!

Silverline Cruises Kft.





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