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Sightseeing cruise with Pizza & Unlimited Beer

Budapest Sightseeing Cruise with Pizza & Unlimited Beer It is an amazing day in Budapest and a sightseeing cruise is the best way to discover a city from the river Danube. Take as many pictures as you can from our boat departing from Dock 11 ( Petőfi sqaure/Elisabeth Bridge). Package of the pizza and unlimited…
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Budapest Dinner Cruise

What to do on a rainy Friday night in Budapest ? The week comes to the end and we are glad to announce that we are awaiting you on our special evening programme in Budapest. The crazy April weather is showing us many faces - from 27°C  we got back to 7 °C this lovely…
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The longest break in the history of the Silverline cruises

It was the longest break in the history of the Budapest River Cruises. Unfortunately, we could not collect our cruises in January from many other river cruisers in Budapest. It was a long time while we had the opportunity to re-launch our cruises because of the water core of the Danube. We have tried to…
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