Snack & Beer Budapest Cruise

Get together with friends or family for some fun on this 80 minutes scenic cruise!

While you are enjoying the sights of Budapest you can choose one of our

high qualities street food offer.  Find your experience on our Budapest Cruise.

Drink bar, free wifi on board.

Budapest Sightseeing Cruise

Departure Times:  1.00 pm, 3.00 pm, , 5.00 pm, 7.0 pm,  every day!

Departure Place: Dock 11

Price: 7900 HUF or €28


Street Food Offer
Panini (Mortadella Classic, Parma Grande, Greek Chicken, BBQ Pork )
Piadina (Caprese(v), Quattro Formaggi(v), al'Prosciutto)
Belga Waffeln
Chocolate Fondant
Hot Dog



These options are not available Today!


  • HamCorn pizza
    (tomato souce, ham, mushroom, sweet corn, cheese)
  • Hawaii pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, pineapple, ham, cheese)
  • Hungarian pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, spicy sausage slices, red onion,
    sausage, cheese)
  • Margarita pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, cheese)
  • Salami pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, salami, cheese)

You can change your food for a shot (Jack Daniels, Finlandia, Bacardi, Jägermeister).
Soft Drinks
Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Cappy Orange, Cappy Apple,
Mineral Water (sparkling, still)


More information and pre-reservation: [email protected]


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