Chinese New Year Eve Dinner Cruise

Combine Culture with River Cruise Budapest

Chinese New Year is one of the most traditional festivals in China. This day provide an opportunity to celebrate an annual family reunion, which is very similar Christmas Day in western countries. Here are some fun facts about this holiday.

Chinese Culture

The festival days are changing every year as it is defined by the lunar calendar, falling on a day between a middle of January and middle of February.
It starts from the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar and continues for 15 days to the Lantern Festival.

Budapest River Cruise

The apex of the night is the first day of Chinese New  Year!

On that day,  in northern China, people used to having dumplings served at the reunion dinner; while people from southern China prefer rice cakes which name is Niangao and made of glutinous rice flour.


If you choose this Dinner you can meet with both Hungarian and Chinese entertaintment, we tried to merge two different culture with this type of Budapest River Cruise.

Ticket typePrice
Dinner & drink  21.000 HUF ; € 70 
Dinner (without drink package)  15.500 HUF ; € 52
Child (5-10 years old)  14.000 HUF ; € 47

Boarding Time of the Cruise:   7.00 pm or 8.50 pm

Departure Time of the Cruise: 7.30 pm or 9.00 pm

The tour ends at 10.30pm!


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