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Sightseeing river cruise

Wondering what to do on the night out besides the ruin pubs and restaurants? Have a slice of Budapest on our incredible Budapest river cruise connected with freshly baked pizza in one of the best pizzerias in Budapest & unlimited beer and soft drink package. Pizza can be replaced by different kinds of street food from our selection.

Budapest river Cruise
You can join us from lunch time until the late evening hours. During your sightseeing cruise the pizza will arrive just on time. The boat docks on Buda side of the river Danube to pick up all the different tasty pizzas for you.Meanwhile the boat is docked you will have a great opportunity to take as many pictures about the beautiful city of Budapest as your camera lets you. Parliament on Pest side of the river has an unique architecture with the tricolor flag of Hungary on the top of the building. Picture time,selfie time on the sightseeing cruise.

Sightseeing Cruise
The pizza sightseeing river cruise gives a special chance for all of our dear guest to enjoy the illuminated atmosphere of the city from the river Danube. Pizza & Beer Sightseeing & River Cruise continues upwards the river and takes you under amazing bridges as the Chain Bridge with hundreds of little lights during the evening cruise. Margaret Bridge close to the island was built in a very simple way, so that it does not block the view for the river cruising ships when arriving to Budapest from the north direction.Sailing on the river makes your soul feel free and let you enjoy the draught or bottled beers on the sightseeing - river cruise.
For those of you who are not the biggest funs of the beer, we have a solution - perfectly chilled soft drinks.




Price:   7900 HUF ; €28

Departure Times: 1.00pm 3.00pm, 5.00pm, 7.00pm,

Departure Place: Dock 11, 10 minutes before the program starts


Street Food Offer
Panini (Mortadella Classic, Parma Grande, Greek Chicken, BBQ Pork )
Piadina (Caprese(v), Quattro Formaggi(v), al'Prosciutto)
Belga Waffeln
Chocolate Fondant
Hot Dog



  • HamCorn pizza
    (tomato souce, ham, mushroom, sweet corn, cheese)
  • Hawaii pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, pineapple, ham, cheese)
  • Hungarian pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, spicy sausage slices, red onion,
    sausage, cheese)
  • Margarita pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, cheese)
  • Salami pizza
    (pizza tomato sauce, salami, cheese)
  • Beer, Soft Drinks:
    Coca Cola, Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite
  • Beer: Beer/Non-alcoholic/Dark/Flavoured

*You can substitute the pizza option for a shot of several kinds.

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