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Silverline Cruises Kft. Privacy Policy

Silverline Cruises Kft. is operated by Marina Operator Ltd and Magyar Kikötő Zrt. ( referred hereafter as the operator companies of the cruises ). By the purchase of the tickets passengers accept the contractual terms that govern the rights and obligation of the extablished contractual relationship between the Passengers and the service provider operator company.

Any complaints must be raised immediately either personally on the boat or at any of the following contacts:

otherwise retroactively shall not be accepted, nor deal with it.


Children under 14 must be accompaned by an adult at all times, under the adult’s sole responsibility. Operators are not liable for any lost objects left behind on the boats. Obtaining individual insurance for personal liability, life&health, damages etc. is the sole discreation of passengers. As the tickets do not contain insurance, therefore the operator company of the cruises refuses any involvement in any kind of liability issues and concerns. The schedule and duration of cruises are approximate and the actual timing is dependent on traffic and other circumstances. The operator company of the cruise maintains the right to alter, or cancel the timing or the vehicle of any cruises upon its own unilateral consideration without notice, if circumstances require. Seat availability can not be guaranteed. Passengers will board in sequence upon arrival at the docks, and boarding is always subject to free capacity on any cruises, regardless of the pre-purchased valid tickets. The operator company of the cruise reserves the right to exclude anyone from its cruises, if his/her behavior is deem a risk to the safety of other passengers, or is considered offensive, or insulting to others.

Every member of the audience must possess a ticket and your ticket must be produced to admit you to the auditorium. You are allowed to occupy the seat which is assigned to you by your ticket. If you have any problems, please contact the the Silverline team and follow their instructions.

In the event of resale for profit or commercial gain, this ticket will become void.

The using of photographic or recording equipment on board is permitted by the operator.

The Silverline Cruises Kft. reserves the right to make any alteration in the advertised details of the programme.

Ticket holders consent to the filming and sound recording of themselves as members of the audience.

Transfers or public transport tickets are not included in the purchase price. The address of the meeting point is shown and detailed on the ticket. In case of going to the wrong place for any reason, the organizer will not pay your transfer to the cruise.

The operator reserves the right to refuse admission and request latecomers to await admission to the auditorium until a convenient break in the performance

Event cancellations, ticket non-availability and unsatisfactory events

In the following cases you have the right to receive 100% refund of your ticket purchase by Silveline Cruises Kft. Cancellation between the booking and 48 hours prior to departure date: 100% of the total amount is refundable . Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to departure date: 100% of the total amount is non-refundable.  Should an ordered event be canceled or not taking place for any reason, you will be notified immediately via email and advised about alternative events. The same occurs for ticket non-availabilities for your ordered event. Ticket non- availabilities may occur, though seldom, in the cases that an event organizer has a high ticket demand, or the case in which you have booked the ticket in too short of a time period prior to the event; in which case our booking system is not electronically connected with the system of the respective event organizer. If you do not accept any alternatives from us and notify us that you want your money refunded, you have the right to receive a 100% reimbursement. Silverline Cruises Kft. will refund your money within one month of your notification.

Customer order cancellations

Since all bookings are binding and your purchase of tickets results in a contractual agreement exclusively between you and Silverline Cruises Kft., you have no right of any kind to a refund for order cancellations or for not showing up at the event in time for whatever reason. However, you should notify us at least in 48 hours if you cannot attend an event. We will then, on your behalf, try to cancel your order by the respective event organizer and strive towards an entire or partial reimbursement for you. Tickets will not be repurchased. Cancellation between the booking and 48 hours prior to departure date: 100% of the total amount is refundable. Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to departure date: 100% of the total amount becomes non-refundable.

Delivery information:

Silverline Cruises Kft does not send you your tickets via post. The voucher has to be printed out before boarding. Booked tickets cannot be collected at our Main Office at Wiking Yacht Club ( Silverline Cruises Kft, Hungary 1138 Budapest, hrsz 25904/1 Marina Part Kelén u. 3. ). Due to any further complication  please contact the Silverline team via email: [email protected]

Complaint procedure and conditions:

Representative may submit a written complaint letter addressed to Silverline Cruises Kft. within 15 days following the program.


Silverline Cruises Kft. only uses personal data such as name, address and email as specified by the Hungarian data protection laws. Silverline Cruises Kft. is entitled to use the collected data and securely pass it along to associated third parties, should this be necessary in order to carry out a sales contract. Your personal data will for no other purposes under no circumstances, be passed on to third parties. Information and credit card transactions are processed through the secure WEB site of MKB Bank.

For more information:

[email protected]


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