Store Affiliates

This is the affiliates section of this store. If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel.

If you are not an affiliate, but wish to become one, you will need to apply. To apply, you must be a registered user on this blog. If you have an existing account on this blog, please log in. If not, please register.

What do I need to do for Silverline Partnership?

Please fill in the partner registration request by clicking the sign-up button at the top of this page. Our partnership team will process your request and notify you as soon as it has been approved.

Firstly, you need to fill the registration form by clicking the sign-up button. Our online team will be contact you soon and they will answer for your question!

What kind of requirements are we hope?

Silverline Partner program is free of charge and has no any membership fees.  We hope our partners will public the best of us and they won’t claim truthless things about us!

We would like to produce an opportunity for those partners who are opened for new ways of sales.

Affiliate system is one of the most popular tube in the 21st century to share your experiences on your website with others and encourage them to live with same facilities.

Silverline Cruises would like to reach more and more costumer and partner and the only reason is not just profit, we also would give a part from our happiness to others.

It does not matter your are agent, travel blogger or guide, our door is open for every single partner who want to be a Silverline member!

If you are a travel agent , you can use  the Silverline Affiliate Network for purchase.


How does payment work?

If the total amount on your account reached the 100 Euro we automatically transfer your money to you.

How does the tracking work?

After your  registration with Silverline, you will get a Partner ID, which we will count the number of  visitors coming from your website to  via the affiliate link. Everytime when the costumer who come to the silverline via your website and they made a purchase then you will be richer.

What are my affiliate commissions?

In case of  the usage the affiliate system our partners get 10 % from the purchased amount on the site.